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The professional terminal blocks of subdivided industries are applicable to the corresponding indust

With the development of new industries, the application range of terminals is more and more, and the types are also more abundant. Generally speaking, wiring terminals can be roughly divided into: plug type, fence type, European type, spring type, screw type, track type, wall type and so on. But each of them has its own way of cohesion.

The PCB solder terminal in plug-in series is composed of two parts. One part compresses the wire and then inserts it into the other part, which is welded to the PCB. Fence type is able to achieve safe, reliable and effective connection, suitable for high current, high voltage environment. European series is the most cost-effective form of the existing wiring technology. The tension spring type is a product that uses the tension spring reinforcement performance, and the corresponding screw type is fixed with screws. The track type terminal has the tension spring pressing wire and the unique thread self-locking design, which makes the connection reliable and safe.

It is widely used in power electronics, communication, electrical control and power supply, lighting, elevator lifting control, instrumentation, power supply, chemistry and automobile power, etc. the role of wiring terminal can not be ignored or even can not be replaced. Subdivided occupation, professional terminal is more suitable for the corresponding occupation field