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  • SST-S solder splice connectors

    SST-S solder splice connectors:Operating temperature : -55℃~105℃ Minimum shrink temperature : 80˚C Minimum fully recovery temperature : 111˚C Starting temperature of solder melt:138˚CTh

    2020/08/31 肖学洁


     The poor husband "You can't imagine how difficult it is for me to deal with my wife," the 

    2020/08/31 肖学洁


    A woman in the hospital elevator delivery, feel very embarrassed. The nurse comforted her: "it doesn't matter. It's nothing. Two years ago, a wife gave birth to a child at the gate o

    2020/08/28 jim

  • Crimping plier for cord end terminal

    Our model PZ 0.25-2.5 is specially for crimping cord end terminalCrimping capacity including 0.5MM2、 0.75MM2、 1.0MM2 、1.5MM2 、2.5MM2.Any interests.welcome to inquire us anytimeks@maikasen.com

    2020/08/28 jim

  • A joke

    There was a science guy established nothing scientific in his whole life, he has his own reason:Theory is when you know everything but nothing works.Practice is when everything works but no one knows

    2020/07/27 肖学洁

  • Crimping Tool HSC8 6-4

    HSC8 6-4■ Self-adjusts to the desired ferrule size ■ Ferrule insertion on the side of the tool ■ Multiple crimp profiles ■ Burnished or chrome finish ■ Specially hardened spring st

    2020/07/27 肖学洁

  • SBRSM-NF-Medium Wall Adhesive Heat Shrink Tube

     Our model SBRSM-NF is medium wall adhesive heat Shrink tubeIt is better than normal 3:1 dual wall adhesive&nb

    2020/07/27 jim

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