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  • SST-S solder splice connectors

    SST-S solder splice connectors:Operating temperature : -55℃~105℃ Minimum shrink temperature : 80˚C Minimum fully recovery temperature : 111˚C Starting temperature of solder melt:138˚CTh

    2020/08/31 肖学洁


     The poor husband "You can't imagine how difficult it is for me to deal with my wife," the 

    2020/08/31 肖学洁


    A woman in the hospital elevator delivery, feel very embarrassed. The nurse comforted her: "it doesn't matter. It's nothing. Two years ago, a wife gave birth to a child at the gate o

    2020/08/28 jim

  • A joke

    There was a science guy established nothing scientific in his whole life, he has his own reason:Theory is when you know everything but nothing works.Practice is when everything works but no one knows

    2020/07/27 肖学洁

  • Crimping Tool HSC8 6-4

    HSC8 6-4■ Self-adjusts to the desired ferrule size ■ Ferrule insertion on the side of the tool ■ Multiple crimp profiles ■ Burnished or chrome finish ■ Specially hardened spring st

    2020/07/27 肖学洁


     MAIKASEN FUNTIME-202006191.doctor said to his dauter:“i said your boyfriend is worthless fellow,you told him or not?dau

    2020/06/22 jim

  • Alibaba trade assurance

    Do you purchase from China but worry about the delivery time? or safe issue for your money?Alibaba trade assurance order can easily resolve all your worries.Contact me when you are ready to do it.Alis

    2020/05/29 肖学洁

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