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What harm does terminal block fix badly have

Corresponding to the terminal, in the process of using, if there is a bad fixed condition, it will affect people's normal use, then what are the damages of bad fixed terminal?

In the process of application, if the terminal block is not fixed properly, it will affect the reliability of touch, that is, it will cause instantaneous power failure. Severe conditions will lead to product collapse, and form the severe consequences of interruption of power transmission and signal control of control system. The poor fixation of terminals is due to the unreliable planning, followed by the wrong material selection, and also due to the improper selection of molding process, or due to the poor quality of heat treatment, mold and its installation and welding, etc., which directly leads to the poor fixation. Therefore, in order to prevent this situation, we need to check more.

As a result, the damage caused by the bad fixing of the terminal is very large, and we need to solve it in time.