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What are the causes of terminal damage

If the terminal is damaged in use, it will not play a role in practical production. What are the reasons for the damage?

1. Too short wire stripping of terminal blocks will make the spring crimping area too small, which is easy to form significant falling off. About stripping, not only must have rich operation experience, but also must be equipped with special stripping things, in order to fix the stripping length.

2. The wiring terminal has strict scale requirements for the cross-sectional area of the wire. If it does not meet the requirements, the terminal head of the wire will not be fully penetrated into the terminal hole, forming the conductive ability to drop, and burying the potential safety hazard.

3. The pressing length and thickness of the wiring terminal meet the relevant requirements. When the wire is too thin, because the pressing wire is too long, and there is an insulating layer between the wire and the contact area, the conductivity of the wire will deteriorate, and then the wiring terminal will be burned.

These factors will lead to the damage of the terminal, when encountering these faults, we should deal with them in time.