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Three conventional connection modes ensure the connection safety of terminals

What is the pressing organization of the terminal? 1. Soldering connection method of the terminal:

In the solder connection method of terminal, the most important thing is the tin wire and the surface to be welded, which should form the continuous performance of metal. Therefore, for the terminal, the most important thing is the solderability. The common coatings on the welding end of the sheet are silver, alloy and gold.

2、 Riveting connection method of terminal block:

The primary intention of crimping is to ensure that the terminal can be tightened within the limit of rules, or the wire can be connected directly by displacement. If it is a high-quality crimping, it can ensure that the metal will not dissolve with each other, and it can also ensure that the data will not deform between the wire and the touch.

This method is more suitable for cold welding connection, can play a good mechanical strength and electrical continuity, and can be used in the worse environment, now the more widely used should still be crimping connection method, especially suitable for the current situation is relatively large, and in the crimping time must use professional things.

3、 Piercing connection method of terminal block:

This PCB terminal connection method, also known as insulation displacement connection, is reliable, high performance, and the cost is very low, the first thing should still be very fast to use, more suitable for the connection of ribbon cable, and in the connection time, it is not necessary to peel the insulation layer in the cable, directly use the sharp end of the spring to pierce in.

These are the three most common ways to connect. Due to the innovation of industry, more and more customized terminal products are developed, and they are no longer limited to the above methods.