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What kind of equipment is high current terminal

Due to the different use environment, different types of terminals also show differences, and the high current terminal is one of the outstanding products. What kind of equipment is the high current terminal?

High current terminals use reliable thread connection skills, electronic break tolerance skills and electrical connection skills. The rail type series terminals adopt the pressing wire and the unique thread self-locking design, which makes the connection reliable and safe. This series of terminals have beautiful appearance design and can be equipped with a variety of accessories, such as short-circuit strip, identification strip, baffle, etc. The high current terminal is usually able to disconnect itself for test. The high current refers to a limit value of the current that can be withstood without affecting the safety of the equipment. Generally, it is only allowed to appear for a short time, otherwise it will cause damage to the equipment.

High current terminal is a kind of product to facilitate the connection of wires, that is, a piece of metal sheet sealed in insulating plastic, with holes at both ends. We can pierce the wires, such as two wires. Sometimes we need to connect and sometimes we need to disconnect. At this time, there are matching screws for fastening or loosening, so that the two wires can be connected with terminals, and the high current terminal can be disconnected at any time, without having to weld them or surround them, which is convenient and fast.

Therefore, the advantages of high current terminals are very significant, which is a better choice for people.